[Moin-user] Formatting in tables

Alexander Schremmer mailinglist at alexanderweb.de
Mon Dec 20 12:11:05 EST 2004

Jim Wight wrote on Monday, December 20, 2004 9:04 PM CEST:

> Is it possible to format directly inside tables (in 1.3.1)? If it is,
> I haven't discovered how.

You can just use the formatting options which do not want to see a new
paragraph. Therefore you would mostly use ''', '', [[BR]], etc.

> On a whim, I wondered what would happen if instead I included a page
> that did the formatting, e.g.
>>> <tablestyle="width:100%;
>>> background-color:#fffacd">[[Include(FrontPage)]]|| 
> and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it worked. Is that a
> supported feature or a happy accident that could stop working at any
> time? 

I do not think that we should drop it as it is the only possibility to get e.g.
lists with a colored background currently AFAIK.
And I do not see why it should be a happy accident, even though the include
macro is weird at some places :-)

Kind regards,

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