[Moin-user] Saving changes is very slow for me

Shane McDonald Shane_McDonald at pmc-sierra.com
Fri Oct 29 15:01:08 EDT 2004


  I'm new to MoinMoin.

  I've just installed a MoinMoin 1.2.4 wiki on a Linux box with Apache 2.0.51 and Python 2.3.4. Everything seems to be working well, with the exception of editing pages. When I edit a page, the save takes a very very long time (on the order of 5 minutes). Viewing pages, including previewing my edits, is very quick. Looking at my Apache log, I can see the POST action happen right away, but the page doesn't get updated

  I haven't found any mention of this problem on the MoinMoin Wiki or on this mailing list. Does anyone know what's going on, or know what more information I can provide to help solve this?


Shane McDonald
shane_mcdonald at pmc-sierra.com

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