[Moin-user] attachments, filenamespaces, and indexing

greg gregwh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 18:29:42 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm involved with setting up a wiki in an intranet environment and it
looks like it's going to be MoinMoin.  I'm trying to customize it and
make it as usefule for largest number of users possible.  A large
number of the users will be unlikely to create new links to either
pages or attachments, but I'm pretty sure they'll be able to edit and
upload attachments since it's analogous to webmail with which they're
familar.  Others will, hopefully, take up the function of making new
project spaces and cleaning up pages by linking to attached files,

One thing that has me concerned is that the first group will upload
attachments with long filenames that have empty spaces and they're
unlikely to use the rename box.  If I understand correctly, the only
way to link these pages then is to use substitute %20 for the spaces. 
There are a few a problems with this.  First, it makes it hard on the
"linkers" and it also might make it scary for the first group to see
all these %20's everywhere, which could turn them off to editing.  I'm
considering altering the MoinMoin.action.AttachFile.do_upload function
to substitute underscores for spaces.  Is there any good reason not to
do this?

The other issue is making the attachment pages available for a web
crawler to index.  We're considering using htdig or maybe a google
mini appliance to index the site including the attachments.  Is there
any place the unlinked files are available to the crawler?  Should I
create an AttachIndex macro?

Any help is appreciated!


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