[Moin-user] Problems with ACLs

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Jun 29 03:13:18 EDT 2005

> acl_rights_before = u"NetworkServicesGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin -All:read"

The first part looks ok, while -All:read looks a bit strange for me.

> The page "NetworkServicesGroup" looks like:
>  * User1
>  * User2
>  * User3

That's ok.

> By my understanding, users User1, User2 & User3 should have full Read/Write/Delete/Revert/Admin access to all pages in the wiki - but they don't ! All they get is read-only access.

Then something is going wrong.

Make sure you edit the config you are using (not some unused sample config).

Delete data/cache/wikidicts/dicts_groups (it will get recreated

> The only way I can give them Write access is if I add the line
> #acl NetworkServicesGroup:read,write
> to the top of every page.

The "before" acl is processed "before" that, so I can't make sense out
of that, except if you edit an unused config.

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