[Moin-user] Re: Linking directly to edit page.

Nigel Harper nigel.harper at lightworkdesign.com
Tue Mar 1 01:39:43 EST 2005

> Based on your suggestion, I changed MyPage to this:
> ----
> Click on the [[Action(edit,/CommentsPage)]] to comment on this page
> [[Include(/CommentsPage)]]
> Click on the [[Action(edit,MyPage/CommentsPage)]] to comment on this 
> page
> ----
> Both the cases as shown above takes me to edit "MyPage" instead of 
> "CommentsPage".
> Am I doing something wrong here?

Yes you are.  It took me a little while to work it out.

The syntax of the macro is [[Action(edit, linktext)]], which gives you a
link showing linktext which opens the current page for edit.  

So what you need to do is put the Action on CommentsPage not MyPage, like

---- Text of MyPage ----
---- End text ----

---- Text of MyPage/CommentsPage ----
[[Action(edit,Add/edit comments)]]

Comments go here

[[Action(edit,Add/edit comments)]]
---- End text ----


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