[Moin-user] Help: Win32/Apache serving files from server root?

actuary77 actuary77 at elemental-systems.com
Tue Mar 8 22:49:27 EST 2005

I am trying to setup moin wiki on a MS Windows 2000 machine running Apache2.

I have been able to successfully install moin using a wiki name of 
ElementalWiki (v. mywiki) as described in the installation instructions.

I would like to serve pages from the route of the server and not have to 
append ElementalWiki onto the server name.

For Example:
I would like my frontpage to accesseed by a url of:



Apache - httpd.conf
In my httpd.conf if I change the alias ScriptAlias to /, I am able to 
access the frontpage but no other pages, e.g. help.......

For example:  http://elemental-systems.com/ presents the moin frontpage.

What changes do I need to make to httpd.conf and or wikiconfig.py to 
enable moin?

Do I need to use RewriteRules?

My apache server is at:  c:/bin/Apache2
My wiki is at c:/www/ElementalMoinWiki and has the folder structure as 
described in the installation instructions:

My httpd.conf
Alias       /wiki/     "C:/bin/python24/share/moin/htdocs/"
#ScriptAlias /ElementalWiki    "C:/www/ElementalMoinWiki/moin.cgi"
ScriptAlias /    "C:/www/ElementalMoinWiki/moin.cgi"

My wikiconfig.py.
     data_dir = r'c:/www/ElementalMoinWiki/data'
     #data_dir = r'c:\www\ElementalMoinWiki\data'
     #data_dir = 'c:\\www\\ElementalMoinWiki\\data'
     #data_dir = r'./data'

     data_dir = r'c:/www/ElementalMoinWiki/underlay'
     #data_dir = r'c:\www\ElementalMoinWiki\underlay'
     #data_underlay_dir = 'c:\\www\\ElementalMoinWiki\\underlay'

     url_prefix = '/wiki'

Hopefully I have given enough information for one of the gurus out there 
to provide some guidance.  Please let me know if more information is needed.

What changes do I need to make?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.


actuary77 at elemental-systems.com

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