[Moin-user] Using a redirect script for external links

Ry4an Brase ry4an-moin at ry4an.org
Sat Mar 12 10:33:25 EST 2005

On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 03:41:39PM -0800, Yusuf Abdulghani wrote:
> Interesting. This could be an optional security feature in the next 
> version of MoinMoin.

Were it added to MoinMoin, I suspect the easiest way to do it would be
to just create a 'redirect' action, which would be invoked like:


Then in url() in formatter/text_html.py a config option would just check
the redirection-scrub-desired setting and munge the URL right after this

        url = wikiutil.mapURL(self.request, url)

If it looked like an external http: or https: link you'd just prepend:


to it.

> BTW, where did you put the redirect.pl script? In your wiki's top-level 
> directory?

That's where I script-aliases it, yeah, but it could exist anywhere --
one could even just point to one of the many open redirects in the
wild.  There's one at http://www.algonet.se/~ug/html+pycgi, which looks
like this when used as a GET:


Thus, a mapping configuration like this:

url_mappings = {
    'http://': 'http://cgi.algonet.se/htbin/cgiwrap/ug/redirect.py?url=http://',
    'https://': 'http://cgi.algonet.se/htbin/cgiwrap/ug/redirect.py?url=https://'

should work with no further configuration.

However, it's probably pretty tacky to use someone else's open redirect
when you can set your own up in three lines of python.

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