[Moin-user] really slow standalone MoinMoin 1.3.4 on Windows ME with Python 2.4

Nir Soffer nirs at actcom.net.il
Thu Mar 17 05:25:07 EST 2005

> The worst case I have had so far was double-clicking on a
> page title to get a list of linking pages and having it take 955+
> seconds to produce a result.

Some operations in moin are using page caching, which make them much 
faster. But creating the cache is very slow, and the operation you 
tried try to create the cache for all the pages in the wiki. In 
general, after the first time, the search should work fast.

Here are timings on my machine for same operation on a wiki without any 
caches. First I deleted all caches (by running find . -name cache -type 
d -exec rm -rf {} \;).

Click  on FrontPage title:
	First time: 149 seconds
	Second time: 0.78 seconds

You can do a full text search for links to FrontPage instead. Enter 
this in the search box:
	-t:FrontPage r:\sFrontPage\s

This will give you close results to the linkto: search used when you 
click on titles, without need to build the cache, in practically same 
speed (1.7s).

Note that OrphanedPages and WantedPages also much faster after the 
cache is built for the first time.

Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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