[Moin-user] Basic HTTP Auth under Twisted/Moin

Tom Carmichael tomc74 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 07:29:14 EST 2005


I am a fairly new to Moin Moin, so I apologize if this is a very basic
question.  I have attempted to find the answer in the FAQs, but so far
I haven't seen anything relevant.

I'm running a 1.3.3 Moin wiki under twisted on a windows 2000 server,
run as a service for a company intranet site.  I would like to enable
a simple authentication page prior to entry into the site, before any
pages can be seen.

I've taken a look into the ACL capabilities of the Moin, and I think I
could potentially cobble something together, but it doesn't exactly
fit my needs.  When I'm looking for is initial authentication before
any page can be seen, and very open access afterwards.  ACLs seem to
be more useful to protect certain pages, to prevent abuse, etc.

Any advice?



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