[Moin-user] ReSt as default parser?

Thomas Werschlein thomas.werschlein at netcetera.ch
Wed Mar 23 09:26:33 EST 2005

Hi Thomas

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> And maybe most of the people don't see a reason why they should rather use 
> rst than wiki (if you know any, tell me :).

Sorry, I don't have the answer either :) Personally, I also prefer the
wiki parser. But in order to be independent from a proprietary
wiki markup the requirement came up here, to look for alternatives (we
plan to use Moin in the Intranet here).

> But if you want to improve the parser, we can help as long as you don't 
> expect us to know rst. :)

Thanks for the offer, but I guess with the help of your posting I
should be able to convince people here to stick with the wiki
parser. They will listen to a core developper, will they? ;-)

Thanks for your helpful reply, greetings

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