[Moin-user] Nightly update of page

Jens Jorgen Mortensen jensj at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Sep 5 23:43:16 EDT 2005

Max Campos wrote:
> I have created a pair of scripts to do exactly this (a "put page"  
> script and a "get page" script).  I'm not quite done with them yet,  but 
> I will provide them to Jens or anyone else, if you like.
> A few notes:
> - These scripts use the Moin python libraries, rather than the XML- RPC 
> interface
> - The put script I wrote adds an entry to the edit log (not sure if  
> that's desired).
> When I finish I will add them to ScriptMarket.

That would be great!  Thanks, Nir and Max.

What about updating an attachment?  Anything to look out for there?

Jens Jørgen

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