[Moin-user] built in aliases?

Gisbert Amm gia at webde-ag.de
Mon Sep 26 08:10:43 EDT 2005

Use the line

#redirect MyThing

as the content of the pages MyOtherThing and MyThirdThing

See http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnProcessingInstructions

Gisbert Amm

Sean Dague wrote:
> Is there anything in moin (or where would I start to add it) that allows a
> set of key work aliases that will internally map to a different page?
> For instance, I'd like to have something like:
>  MyThing:: MyOtherThing, MyThirdThing
> Then when I put in MyOtherThing in a wiki page, it is linked in, however
> when you click on it it ends up with MyThing page (after redirection).
> Any pointers would be appreciated.
> 	-Sean

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