[Moin-user] Anyone have a script for deleting revision history of a moin site?

Alexander Chemeris ipse.moin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 07:32:10 EDT 2006


On 4/23/06, Nir Soffer <nirs at freeshell.org> wrote:
> On 23/04/2006, at 16:09, Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> > I want to merge some versions of one page. E.g. I'm creating new big
> > page
> > and save it every 10 minutes (I don't want to lose my work!). When I
> > end
> > my page I want to merge all this changes into big one.

> Good text editor gives you much better control for long documents then
> the lousy browser edit box. There is now a MoinMoin mode for Emacs on
> the wiki (I did not try it yet).

Ok, ok... Lets try to explain this to all users... Especially about Emacs.
When I'll see MoinMoin mode for Notepad or standalone MoinMoin Editor
for Winows and MacOs X I'll agree with you.

Alexander Chemeris.

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