[Moin-user] Can't get rid of themes!

Gisbert Amm gia at webde.de
Fri Apr 28 00:04:02 EDT 2006

Are you probably running Moin in FasCGI mode? The you have to send the 
webserver process a SIGHUP to see your changes happen.

-Gisbert Amm

Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> I'm trying to "get rid" of some of the themes that come with MoinMoin. 
> I've removed their .py/pyc files from .../plugin/theme, and also removed 
> their directories from htdocs. However, they still show up as possible 
> selections in User Preferences.
> I'm also finding that I can't find where the "light blue" color of the 
> "modern" theme is coming from. My Firefox CSS inspector indicates that 
> its color 81BBF2 (or something like that), and I can find one instance 
> of that in the modern .css files, but changing it doesn't change the 
> screen color.
> I've tried deleting the cache, reloading the page, etc.
> Many thanks if you could point out what I'm doing wrong.

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