[Moin-user] user authentication

agalya at tce.edu agalya at tce.edu
Wed Jul 12 06:34:33 EDT 2006

>> we want to add moinmoin for one of the services in our website.we
>> already
>> got a database for users and use them for user authentication.we wish to
>> use the same for the Moinmoin also.can anyone provide us the way this
>> can
>> be implemented...
> Sure. If you use some standard auth method, you can maybe simply use one
> of the existing MoinMoin.auth functions (http auth, ldap auth, php
> session, ssl client cert auth, ...).
> If nothing there fits your needs, you can just write your own auth
> function, see the samples there.

we are using ldap authentication method and in auth.py we dont find a
method called ldap auth.We are using moin-1.5.2.Help regarding this.

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