[Moin-user] Dynamic User Groups

Schwols, Keith C keith.c.schwols at intel.com
Wed Mar 8 09:35:02 EST 2006

Has anyone tried making an ACL Group page dynamic?  I would like to use
a wiki macro to construct my PageAccessGroup by dumping the contents of
an Outlook Mailing list.  We have a pretty good corporate process for
adding new team members to the PDL mailing lists, but then break down
because a different process is required for the wiki admin (me) to
update the PageAccessGroup with new members (or when members leave).

Anyone tried this, ran into pitfalls, knows a patch or extension that I
don't know about?


If a cute saying or a pretty poster is all it takes to motivate you, you
probably have a very easy job.  The kind that robots will be doing soon.

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