[Moin-user] trouble setting up wiki with MoinMoin 1.5.2

Emin Martinian emin.martinian at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 14:40:06 EST 2006

I'm having trouble setting up a wiki using MoinMoni version 1.5.2 and
python 2.3.

After installing and following the instructions to create a wiki
instance in ~/public_html/mywiki, I keep getting


   data_dir "/org/mywiki/data" does not exists, or has incorrect
   ownership or permissions.

I have tried everything including setting the data_dir variable in
wikiconfig.py to the absolute path of my data directory and making the
data directory world readable/writable.

What I find especially strange is that the configuration error seems
to think that my data_dir is "/org/mywiki/data" but I never set it to
that and when I grep /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/MoinMoin for
that string, it does not exist.

Basically I believe that the wikiconfig.py file is not being read.  I
tried looking in the source code, but I couldn't find where it imports
wikiconfig.py so I was unable to verify this.  (By the way, I'm
assuming that the wikiconfig.py file is supposed to be in the same
directory as moin.cgi, but perhaps that is my error.  I can't imagine
where else wikiconfig.py should go, though...).

Thanks in advance,
-Emin Martinian

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