[Moin-user] GUI config options for substitution

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Sun May 21 16:16:01 EDT 2006

Hello again,

Just noticed that whenever someone edits a page in the GUI editor this
messes up perfectly good tables and other mark up:


Backticks and Curly Brackets
GUIed seems to replace `text` escaped by backticks with {{{text}}}.
Althoug this is much uglier when editing in textmode (more eye strain)
this is _usually_ fine _except_ when the escaped text has curly
brackets too such as `{de}` - for example on a help page to explain
how to get the German flag "smiley". After substitution by the GUIed
this becomes {{{{de}}}} which is rendered as {{{  {de}}}  }  - leaving
the last curly bracket outside the escape sequence instead of within

Table Column Span
A hand-edited table using column span like so
||<-4>Note: Spanning four columns||
is replaced by
||||||||Note: Spanning four columns||
This however _centers_ the text whereas the original did not.
I couldn't find how to left align a column cell from the GUI, but
replacing the code with the text editor to add an extra <(> will be
substituted into something like:
||||||||<style="text-align: center;">Note: Spanning four columns||
Pure clutter compared to the original.

Table Cell Alignment and spaces
If I have a nice readable table like this (aligned with monospaced font):

||'''Function''' ||'''Code'''||'''Filename'''||'''Icon'''||
|| Idea or a tip || `(!)`    ||idea.png      ||<:> (!)   ||
|| Alert         || `/!\`    ||alert.png     ||<:> /!\   ||
|| Attention     || `<!>`    ||attention.png ||<:> <!>   ||

One GUIed session (even without edits to the table) leaves it like this:

||'''Function''' ||'''Code'''||'''Filename'''||'''Icon'''||
|| Idea or a tip || {{{(!)}}} ||idea.png ||<style="text-align: center;"> (!) ||
|| Alert || {{{/!\}}} ||alert.png ||<style="text-align: center;"> /!\ ||
|| Attention || {{{<!>}}} ||attention.png ||<style="text-align: center;"> <!> ||

- Spaces are eaten
- Backticks replaced
- <:> alignments replaced
Result = head ache

So the big question would be:
Is there a configuration file somewhere where I might configure
what/how mark up codes are replaces/substituted to avoid this ??


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