[Moin-user] [suggest]can MoinMoin support Chinese content switch like metawiki?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed May 24 01:23:04 EDT 2006

>> If you explain what exactly is missing (explain it for a non-chinese :),
>> we maybe can help.
OK, now we know what you want. But as I am not chinese, I have still no 
idea how to do it. :)

Looks like there is some mapping table needed to translate those 4 
symbol sets into each other.

If we had such a table (if that's all), we maybe could implement the 
functionality needed - we just a test page and a tester (you :) for 

Can you give us python data structures for doing it?

> so so ! we love Python, do not want usage DB;
> so MoinMoin as great wiki engine, the mediawiki can ,why not MoinMon 
> can do it?
Because no chinese jumped on implementing it. :) And western people 
generally have no plan about such stuff.

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