[Moin-user] UNC paths in moinmon

David Cramer david at thingbag.net
Thu Nov 2 16:37:12 EST 2006

Thanks for the offer, but our use case is more links to installers, so 
we don't have the "can't save the file" problem. I think I'll suggest 
that they serve the dirs in qustion up via a web server so they can use 
http urls.


Paul Moore wrote:

> Yes, ultimately it's messy. Also, a link to a file (say, an Excel
> spreadsheet) is opened in such a way that if you try to edit it and
> then save it, you can't (it sees the original path as the URL, which
> is read only, rather than as the actual filename, or something like
> that).
> In the end, I punted and wrote a macro to build local-file links,
> using scripting and the Windows Scripting FileSystemObject to open
> files "properly". It's IE-specific, and needs the Wiki to be made a
> "trusted site" in IE, but it does the job for us.
> (I can't post the code at the moment, it's at work and I'm not, but
> let me know if you want it and I'll fish it out).
> Paul.

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