[Moin-user] Sharing user authentication between wikis

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 11:28:41 EST 2006


> For instance, you could make a wiki in your farm contain the Group
> pages, User home pages and other very common data.  Then using the
> overlay, this wiki would appear as if it were common to all the other
> wikis in the farm.  It's pretty slick.  I've been using for about 3
> weeks now on my corporate wiki.  I've set the farmconfig options, so
> that all user's homepages are refered to the BaseWiki, I've linked the
> user/ directory, so that the user data is shared between the wiki farm
> webs.

Thanks for this - very useful.  Is there any easy way to make sure
that home pages are created on the basewiki, rather than the
individual wikis?



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