[Moin-user] usage questions on anti-spam features

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Dec 3 07:20:51 EST 2007

> I am (unprivileged) user of a moinmoin wiki site which is currently
> somewhat devalued by Chinese link spam bots.  Looking into ways of what
> to do about it, some questions came up:
>   - What does the "More Actions/ Remove Spam" menue item do?

It is for someone being in the superuser list, he may revert all edits
of some specific user / ip with a few clicks.

>   - What do the pages BadContent and LocalBadContent do?

BadContent is regularly pulled from the MoinMaster wiki. If some text to
be saved matches a pattern on BadContent, the save will be rejected.

LocalBadContent is for you, to add local patterns that are not
appropriate on a list that is globally distributed. E.g. if you have no
legitimate chinese content, you can just add some chinese chars to get
rid of the chinese spammers.

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