[Moin-user] Wildcard for xapian-search?

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Thu Dec 27 15:52:04 EST 2007

Hi there

I'm using now the 1.6.0 release with Xapian 1.0.4 and PyStemmer 1.0.1.

And I found out that XAPIAN do not a wildcard search per default. Even
with „*“ it doesn't work! You need explicit do a regex. this is true to
the title and text search. I do not like this, 'coz to do a regex is not
very user friendly! 

On the Xapian Search Site I found out that: “This feature is disabled by
default” but it should be possible to expand it for wildcard searches.
http://www.xapian.org/docs/queryparser.html. Is this now a
MoinMoin-Thing or should I need to change something in the Xapian-Search
(Omega) Engine?

--> Could anybody confirm this and maybe tell me  'bout any plans to
change this behavior or where I need to look for a fix?


Found those sites 'bout xapian; but only the last one seems to me
1. http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinTodo/ExtendedSearch
2. http://moinmo.in/FeatureRequests/AdvancedXapianSearch
3. http://moinmo.in/XapianIntegration
4. http://moinmo.in/HelpOnXapian

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