[Moin-user] Trying to Set Permissions on cache/pagelinks to rw- rw- ---

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 15:58:31 EDT 2007

I am trying to understand why the ../cache/pagelinks permissions on new
or modified files are always set to rw- --- --- but the permissions of
other files (such as those in ../revisions/) have permissions set to
rw- rw- ---.

I use Unison to sync my Moin 1.5.7 wiki between Windows and Fedora Core
6 where Moin is running under Apache with mod-python.  My Unison
user-name is in the Apache group so each time I do a sync, I have to do
a chmod to reset the permissions on all the changed or newly created
cache/pagelinks files to rw- rw- ---.  

I have tried adding a umask command to the apachectl file but that
seemed to have no effect on any of the files created or updated by

Any ideas as to how to change the permissions to rw- rw- --- when
pagelinks files are created or modified?


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