[Moin-user] Why oh why!

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Dec 11 00:31:34 EST 2008

> > I ended up making a quick awk script to fix the pages for the new
> > syntax
> I'm not a developer so I can't help you with the "legacy" switch but
> could you post your awk script.

Please DON'T post it to the list. It will only confuse people.

And I can assure you that a AWK script is unlikely enough to convert your data correctly.

When I wrote the migration scripts for 1.5 > 1.6, I also first thought "oh, just some search
and replace, using some regexes", but then I found stuff to be much more complex and that
migration scripts were one of the reasons why 1.6 came rather late, because they took so
much time to write (and to get them do the right stuff).

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