[Moin-user] Strange problem with macro

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 15:18:50 EST 2008

I've got a simple internal wiki at our site, using MoinMoin 1.8.0
(just upgraded). I have a local macro which is causing me some
trouble. It's nothing fancy, it just adds a bit of script to the page.

I've changed the macro today, but nothing I do makes the new version
get picked up! I have restarted MoinMoin, restarted Apache, deleted
the .pyc for the macro, and deleted the page cache (using the "Delete
Cache" page action). Nothing I do seems to get the new code picked up.
What's more, after I deleted the .pyc, no new .pyc gets generated,
which implies to me that the macro code isn't even being run (ie, the
page HTML isn't being regenerated).

There's nothing particularly fancy about my setup - standalone Moin
server running on port 8123, behind an Apache reverse proxy. I've
restarted both apache and Moin, and as I say I used "Delete cache" on
the page (I also made an edit to the page, just to make sure) so I
don't see how any server-side caches could be affecting things any
more. I'm using IE6 (I know, don't tell me, I don't have an option!)
as my client, but there can't be any client caches involved that I can
see, as I looked at the page on another PC (the wiki server itself)
where I'd not gone to that page before, so no client-side cache there
(I'd already done all the reloads, shift-reload, etc before that, to
no avail).

I'm baffled. Can anyone suggest what I might have missed? (And
slightly more generally, what's the recommended way of making Moin
reread a macro's code after you change it?)

Thanks for any help,

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