[Moin-user] single user account, multiple wikis

Ted Stern dodecatheon at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 16:14:11 EST 2008

I have a conceptual question:

I started evangelizing MoinMoin in my organization a couple of years
ago, and I've been too successful.  Now everyone and his brother wants
to start their own wiki.

For simplicity, I originally set up one wiki with the cgi-bin script

Later, I set up a template wiki that I clone so that each new wiki is
a copy of the template with a few names changed:


This works well enough, except that users have to create new accounts
for each wiki.


  1) There's a lot of proprietary/export - restricted material in
     these wikis, so I have to use access control.

  2) Users have to have multiple accounts, causing confusion.

  3) Wiki host doesn't support aliasing (e.g. anotherwiki.server.com)

I was considering setting up a wiki farm, but as far as I understand,
this still has multiple accounts.

Alternatively, I could simply place the wiki at the top level, and
make other wikis into SubPages, using SubPage group permissions to
control access.  This is probably the best solution, because it means
users have to have only one account, and once they are logged in, they
can get into the other SubPages easily.

The only drawback I can see is that I lose the ability to have a
different logo for each SubPage.  But perhaps that might be tolerable.

I guess what I'm looking for in posting here is shared experiences:
has anyone run into anything like this before?  Am I missing something
about wiki farms that I ought to know?

 dodecatheon at gmail dot com
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