[Moin-user] Where are the files installed in share/moin used?

Jim Wight j.k.wight at ncl.ac.uk
Tue Jan 15 04:43:26 EST 2008

On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 18:44 +0100, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> > I'm aware that the files in share/moin/data and share/moin/underlay
> > are copied to the Wiki instance when the instance directory is built.
> > I also know that the server directory is sample server scripts, and
> > the config directory is sample configs. My understanding is that these
> > will never be used directly, but will be copied and customised as
> > needed for an instance.
> Correct (at least it should be this way).

Can underlay not be shared?


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