[Moin-user] Where are the files installed in share/moin used?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 12:44:47 EST 2008

> I'm aware that the files in share/moin/data and share/moin/underlay
> are copied to the Wiki instance when the instance directory is built.
> I also know that the server directory is sample server scripts, and
> the config directory is sample configs. My understanding is that these
> will never be used directly, but will be copied and customised as
> needed for an instance.

Correct (at least it should be this way).

> That leaves htdocs, which are (I believe) expected to be served from
> the URL /moin_static160 (or wherever url_prefix_static points).

Yes. Whether you serve that directly from share/moin/htdocs or copy it 
also elsewhere is your choice.

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