[Moin-user] Editing many local files with moin

Dmitriy Zotikov io-subscribe at mail.ru
Tue Jan 22 09:04:40 EST 2008

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:49:25 +0100
Thomas Waldmann <tw-public at gmx.de>:

Hello Thomas,

> > I'm running MoinMoin in an intranet environment and there is a need
> > to edit many (100+) local files through the web
> What does "edit through the web" mean? Like a wiki page?
> > with a usual set of wiki
> > features (privilege separation, version control, etc).
> Moin offers this.

Sure, but that wasn't the question.

> > I also would like to provide an FTP access to the files.
> Moin does not do FTP. And it would not work with revisioning.

Yes, I've planned to provide the FTP access with ProFTPd.  Actually,
the situation is as follows:

There are a bunch of files, lying under /srv/ftp/ directory, like this:

|-- pub/
|   |-- dir1/
|   |   |-- file1
|   |   |-- file2
|   |   ...
|   |   `-- filen
|   |-- dir2/
|   `-- ...
`--- ...

I thought it would be nice to allow users to edit
files /srv/ftp/pub/dir/file[1-n] with nice wiki interface (which moin
is :) ).

> > So far, I can't see the possibility to solve the problem -- even
> > manual importing wouldn't help, since I lose the ability to share
> > the files through FTP.
> Not sure why you need FTP when you can have HTTP.
> There is raw action to get the wiki page content, there is action
> Load to load a page from a file and action Save to save a page into a
> file.
> > The files are now in reSturcturedText format, but I know how to
> > install additional parsers, so this is not a problem.
> Moin has a builtin parser for reST (#format rst).

Yup, and it is not the problem for me, again.

> > P.S. If I decline the idea with FTP, is there any way to import many
> > local files in moinmoin?
> You can use wiki xmlrpc. There are some samples in 
> MoinMoin/script/xmlrpc and .../old/xmlrpc.

Ok, I'll take a look.

However, I wonder how does http://master.moinmo.in/MoinI18n/* work,
since, AFAIU, all changes made on, say,
http://master.moinmo.in/MoinI18n/ru, *using wiki interface* go to a
trunk tree (or sort of).

wbr, io

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