[Moin-user] Restricting cncluded titles to a certain level

Thomas Ackermann tja at tja-server.de
Thu Mar 6 04:08:50 EST 2008

Dmitriy Zotikov schrieb:
> I've faced the same problem, tried several regexps -- with no success.
> Basically, this is what makes me think of using another wiki system,
> like MediaWiki, maybe.  (sad, MoinMoin is so cool... :( )

We think similar :)
Also looked at MediaWiki already.

In MoinMoin, i currently  try to just restrict headers to level 3, 4 and 5
Level 4 and 5 get included and deeper is not possible.
This way, i have a better structure, but am forced to use bold face for 
other headers - and they are no headers anymore ...

Thanx for your reply!

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