[Moin-user] Moin 1.6 & HTML iframes

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Tue Mar 18 16:35:22 EDT 2008


I would use an macro; so you could return the iframe html, like:

def execute(macro, args):
    html= '<iframe src ="http://wantedsite.com/page.php"
    return macro.formatter.rawHTML(html)


Am Montag, den 17.03.2008, 16:13 -0500 schrieb Rick Vanderveer:

> under Moin 1.5.x, we used to escape to HTML, then use iframes to
> display some HTML that we had living on another server. It was crude,
> but effective.  
> With Moin 1.6, it seems this is now blocked.  I understand that this
> is normally a security risk, which is probably why it's blocked. But
> in our case, our wiki is only accessible from internally (no outside
> access), and the HTML pages we're "embedding" are from other internal
> servers.  (In some cases, we're merely providing a sudo one-stop place
> for our internal data, even though it's spread across various
> servers).
> Is there a way to over-ride this?  If so, what file do I need to edit?
> -Rick
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