[Moin-user] CPU processing

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at gmx.net
Tue Feb 3 05:44:06 EST 2009

Am 03.02.2009 09:49, waqas ahmad schrieb:
> Hi Rick,
> My apache version is 2.2.8 and python26 and its working very fine
> since last 4 months. Now i downloaded this mod_wsgi
> (http://adal.chiriliuc.com/mod_wsgi/revision_1018_2.3/mod_wsgi_py25_apache22/).
> I putted this mod_wsgi in apache modules folder.Then i added
> LoadModule wsgi_module modules/mod_wsgi.so in httpd apche conf file.
> Now the problem is that i cant start my apache. It shows
> The service "Apache2.2" with the following error: 1 (0x1). [...]

Your mod_wsgi module is for Python 2.5 and you are using Python 2.6. I
don't think that will work. You need a mod_wsgi binary for Python 2.6.
If you don't find a precompiled binary for Windows you have to compile
it yourself.

There are other problems that could cause this error. Please read:

Is there a more detailed error message? Take a look at Services in the
Control Panel.

Dennis Benzinger

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