[Moin-user] Xapian not indexing wiki page contents on 64-bit machines?

Eric Johnson eric at tibco.com
Tue Feb 3 11:58:24 EST 2009

We have a working MoinMoin farm - running 1.5.8.

I'm upgrading the server to 1.8.1.  New release looks much better.  But
I've run into a problem.

If I've got the Xapian indexing turned on, a full text search results
doesn't show the pages that include words, it just shows attachments
that include the word in question.

I was quite surprised by this, because I've set up an environment as
close to the same as possible on my local machine.  The only substantive
difference that I think remains is that my local machine is running in
32-bit mode, whereas the target server is running 64-bit.

Local machine:
Gentoo Linux (current, stable)
MoinMoin 1.8.1

Server machine:
Gentoo Linux (current, stable)
MoinMoin 1.8.1
(no mod_python on this machine)

I was running xapian-1.0.10 on the server machine, and that did not fix
the bug.

I suspect the xapian-bindings don't work quite right in this
combination, because Xapian itself seems to be working just fine -
attachments get indexed - no callback in to MoinMoin for tokenizing. 
Also, the rest of MoinMoin works just fine.  What isn't working is the
connection between Xapian and MoinMoin, it seems.

I'm happy to make changes to my local copy of Xapian.py, but I've not
much clue where to start.


    * Anyone else got Xapian working with MoinMoin on 64-bits?  Is this
      a good idea?
    * What might I change in Xapian.py to make this work?  It looks like
      xapian-bindings are supposed to be 64-bit compatible, so I don't
      think the problem is there.


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