[Moin-user] User hompages & Page titles

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Feb 13 12:51:55 EST 2009

> 1.  MoinMoin assumes that every user will want to have a homepage
> at /UserName.  I want user homepages to live at /People/UserName
> instead.  Is there a way to set a PathPrefixForUserHomepages variable
> somewhere, or something?

No. And it wouldn't work with current code for @SIG@ etc. anyway.

What you can do to keep your wiki namespace clean from user homepages,
is to use user_homewiki = u'InterWikiNameOfOtherWiki', moin will then
link to that wiki and put user homepages there. That at least works for
the automatically generated links as on RecentChanges or info action,
maybe even with SIG (try).

It won't work if someone just mentions JoeDoe, of course.

> 2.  I would like each page to have a "short name" and a "long name",
> i.e.:  my username is "cmac", but my full name is "Christopher
> MacMinn" -- I would like my user homepage to live at /People/cmac, but
> to say "Christopher MacMinn" at the top 

Easy, just do a:

= Christopher MacMinn =

(that will create a big H1 headline at the top of the content area)

> and in the title bar

There is no title bar.

What you mean is the wiki navigation area and that shows the "physical"
page name of the page, ever, and also some other navigation elements.
That name is not part of the document / of the content.

It is like with a document on your disk: the navigation in that case is
the filename and path, e.g. C:\My Documents\dipl.doc.

The title of it (written WITHIN the document) is "Diploma Thesis about

It's maybe not that obvious in the wiki, but essentially the same thing.

To make it more obvious, one could create a theme that displays the
pagename much smaller or at another place or not at all. Not sure if
that would be helpful for wiki sites (it might be helpful when you use
the wiki just as CMS and you do not allow users to edit stuff).

>  (not "cmac", which is silly).

You can also have ChristoperMacMinn as pagename, but then this should be
also your username, otherwise you lose the automatic connection between

> If you argue that my username should have been "ChristopherMacMinn"
> instead, then consider a page called "PDEs" which is actually about
> "Partial Differential Equations".  I saw that there is at least one
> Feature Request along these lines (e.g.,
> http://moinmo.in/FeatureRequests/CustomPageTitle) but I can't tell if
> it has gone anywhere, or if there is a workaround in the meantime
> before it becomes (or does not become) a Feature.

The only additional information I can provide about that topic (you
maybe find it also in the wiki somewhere) is that some older themes
confused navigation / physical pagename of the document and the title of
the document by rendering the physical pagename within the content area
as if it was a H1 heading. That was bad.

That old way led to all sorts of feature requests to "display something
else there" or "display nothing there" and all those were resolved in
the new (current) themes by a more clean separation of navigation and
content. Maybe not totally obvious (as the pagename in the title area is
rather big), but well, that is just a mather of the theme css (if you
like it smaller, edit the css).

Not all theme authors updated their themes, though, so if you use a 3rd party
theme and it still renders the pagename as h1 in the content area, maybe try
it with modern or modernized theme as it is part of moin 1.6 .. 1.8.

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