[Moin-user] User hompages & Page titles

Christopher MacMinn cmac at mit.edu
Fri Feb 13 14:07:48 EST 2009

> > 1.  MoinMoin assumes that every user will want to have a homepage
> > at /UserName.  I want user homepages to live at /People/UserName
> > instead.  Is there a way to set a PathPrefixForUserHomepages variable
> > somewhere, or something?
> No. And it wouldn't work with current code for @SIG@ etc. anyway.
> What you can do to keep your wiki namespace clean from user homepages,
> is to use user_homewiki = u'InterWikiNameOfOtherWiki', moin will then
> link to that wiki and put user homepages there. That at least works for
> the automatically generated links as on RecentChanges or info action,
> maybe even with SIG (try).
> It won't work if someone just mentions JoeDoe, of course.

OK... this would perhaps be a nice feature to add someday, but for now I'll
work around it.

> 2.  I would like each page to have a "short name" and a "long name",
> > i.e.:  my username is "cmac", but my full name is "Christopher
> > MacMinn" -- I would like my user homepage to live at /People/cmac, but
> > to say "Christopher MacMinn" at the top
> Easy, just do a:
> = Christopher MacMinn =
> (that will create a big H1 headline at the top of the content area)

Yes, this much was clear to me already.

 > and in the title bar

> There is no title bar.

By this I actually meant the webpage title that appears in the browser title
bar, as in

  <title>Christopher MacMinn</title>

Is there any way to change that?  My personal page (/People/cmac) currently
says in the browser title bar "People/cmac - WikiName" -- I would much
rather see something like "People > Christopher MacMinn - WikiName"

> What you mean is the wiki navigation area and that shows the "physical"
> page name of the page, ever, and also some other navigation elements.
> That name is not part of the document / of the content.

Right, this part is clear to me.

>  (not "cmac", which is silly).
> You can also have ChristoperMacMinn as pagename, but then this should be
> also your username, otherwise you lose the automatic connection between
> them.
> > If you argue that my username should have been "ChristopherMacMinn"
> > instead, then consider a page called "PDEs" which is actually about
> > "Partial Differential Equations".  I saw that there is at least one
> > Feature Request along these lines (e.g.,
> > http://moinmo.in/FeatureRequests/CustomPageTitle) but I can't tell if
> > it has gone anywhere, or if there is a workaround in the meantime
> > before it becomes (or does not become) a Feature.
> The only additional information I can provide about that topic (you
> maybe find it also in the wiki somewhere) is that some older themes
> confused navigation / physical pagename of the document and the title of
> the document by rendering the physical pagename within the content area
> as if it was a H1 heading. That was bad.
> That old way led to all sorts of feature requests to "display something
> else there" or "display nothing there" and all those were resolved in
> the new (current) themes by a more clean separation of navigation and
> content. Maybe not totally obvious (as the pagename in the title area is
> rather big), but well, that is just a mather of the theme css (if you
> like it smaller, edit the css).
> Not all theme authors updated their themes, though, so if you use a 3rd
> party
> theme and it still renders the pagename as h1 in the content area, maybe
> try
> it with modern or modernized theme as it is part of moin 1.6 .. 1.8.

I would argue, as I mentioned, that it would be nice to have a variable that
is the "physical page name", as I called the "short name", that is used for
navigation, and a second variable that is the "page title", as I called the
"long name", that is used for display in the page content and in the browser
title bar.  Does that make sense?

Thanks very much!

Best, Chris
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