[Moin-user] Read-Only Underlay Q

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 04:40:17 EST 2009

Roger Marquis schrieb:
> Thomas Waldmann wrote:
>>> None of the wiki instances I maintain need to have a writable underlay
>>> directory, yet the system data_underlay_dir complains if it is not
>>> writable
>> But they need to be writable for moin as it will store some caches into
>> the pagedirs.

I think you may want to call moin ... maint makecache to create all
cache files beforehand (deployment needs to be offline)
Afterward you can remove the write right to the underlay pages
chmod -R a-w  wiki/underlay/pages/*

> That's odd, and non-standard, and the reason I need (to write apparently) a
> patch.  We have security auditors who don't like applications writing to
> directories outside of their scope.  I see their logic, and wonder why Moin
> does this.

The underlay keeps the pages delivered from moin. It is separated from
your data to make upgrading easier for you. What do you mean by outside
"of their scope"?

> Any pointers to the file/s that need patching would be appreciated (off
> list, thanks).
> Roger Marquis


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