[Moin-user] Mercurial setup for creating my own theme

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at gmx.net
Thu Feb 26 12:50:28 EST 2009


I want to create my own theme that works with the current released
version 1.8.2 and also with 1.9 when it will be released. My theme will
be based on the modernized theme so I'd like to use Mercurial to keep
track of changes of this theme.

How should I set up my Mercurial repositories?

My problem is that there is already a clone for 1.9 so if I'd make my
changes in a 1.8 repo I'll somehow have to apply them to 1.9. Or I'd
make my changes in 1.9 and then have to backport them to 1.8.

(Just in case you didn't notice by now, I'm a Mercurial newbie:)

Dennis Benzinger

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