[Moin-user] Mercurial setup for creating my own theme

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Feb 26 13:31:46 EST 2009

> I want to create my own theme that works with the current released
> version 1.8.2 and also with 1.9 when it will be released. My theme will
> be based on the modernized theme so I'd like to use Mercurial to keep
> track of changes of this theme.

Maybe we could talk a bit about the goals of your theme.

Depending on that, it maybe could be interesting to either:
 * just modify modernized ("in place")
 * have it included in moin distribution
 * have it in the moin-extensions repository

> How should I set up my Mercurial repositories?

For core development, you usually just clone moin/1.9 (or moin/1.8) from

If it is just a plugin (like a theme usually is), you could also keep it
in the moin extensions repo and not modify the moin/1.x repo. Or in your
own private repo...

> My problem is that there is already a clone for 1.9 so if I'd make my
> changes in a 1.8 repo I'll somehow have to apply them to 1.9. Or I'd
> make my changes in 1.9 and then have to backport them to 1.8.

Yes. Or you just have it in another repo (like moin extensions).

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