[Moin-user] moinmoin using 100% CPU

Arash Ferdowsi arashf at mit.edu
Sun Jan 18 19:09:14 EST 2009

hi there,
I'm a recent user of moinmoin (http://wiki.getdropbox.com) and am having a
strange problem. there seems to be a request that results in the process
jumping to 100% CPU for a solid 1-2 minutes. I've tried to reproduce by
attempting to generate time consuming requests with no luck.

so I was wondering if there's an easy way to see what requests are in
progress before I waste too much time digging into the code :-). relatedly,
are there are any known CPU burning bugs in moinmoin 1.5.8 that I should
know about (this may be more likely as the wiki has little content at the
moment, we're certainly not IO bound, and I can't imagine any request
needing more than 100ms to complete).

thanks in advance!

Arash Ferdowsi
CTO, Dropbox
913.707.5875 (m)
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