[Moin-user] wikifarm: wrong links to help pages

rog7993 at web.de rog7993 at web.de
Fri Jan 23 09:11:50 EST 2009


I have a setup of a wikifarm with shared user, cache and underlay
directories. This works nearly as expected. But I discovered one little
problem with links to help pages. When editing a page in text mode, at
the bottom of the page a box is displayed with syntax hints. Within this
box there are two links to help pages:

  "Weitere Hilfe unter HilfeZumEditieren oder SyntaxReferenz."

These two links point most of the time to the appropriate help pages of
an other wiki in the farm. This "other wiki" changes over time. Because
not every user have read access in every wiki, this is annoying. This is
the only place, where I discovered this effect. All other links to help
pages are correct. If I switch my language setting from german to
english, this effect disappears: the two links point to the help pages
within the wiki, which I'm editiing.

I suppose this is a side effect of the shared cache directory (cache_dir
is defined in farmconfig.py). I dont't remember, whether I chose this
setup. Should I use own cache directories for each wiki or is there an
other solution? Or is this a bug?

Ingo Rogalsky

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