[Moin-user] wikifarm: wrong links to help pages

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 11:58:21 EST 2009

rog7993 at web.de schrieb:
> Hello,
> I have a setup of a wikifarm with shared user, cache and underlay
> directories. This works nearly as expected. But I discovered one little
> problem with links to help pages. When editing a page in text mode, at
> the bottom of the page a box is displayed with syntax hints. Within this
> box there are two links to help pages:
>   "Weitere Hilfe unter HilfeZumEditieren oder SyntaxReferenz."
> These two links point most of the time to the appropriate help pages of
> an other wiki in the farm. This "other wiki" changes over time. Because
> not every user have read access in every wiki, this is annoying. This is
> the only place, where I discovered this effect. All other links to help
> pages are correct. If I switch my language setting from german to
> english, this effect disappears: the two links point to the help pages
> within the wiki, which I'm editiing.
> I suppose this is a side effect of the shared cache directory (cache_dir
> is defined in farmconfig.py). I dont't remember, whether I chose this
> setup. Should I use own cache directories for each wiki or is there an
> other solution? Or is this a bug?
> Ingo Rogalsky


if all your wikis use the same cache dir then this must happen.
The default is to give each wiki it's own cache dir.


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