[Moin-user] Page copies don't generate notification emails?

Mail@Heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Sun Jan 25 17:19:32 EST 2009


skip at pobox.com schrieb:
> In the Python MoinMoin installation (http://wiki.python.org/moin/) we are
> not getting notifications about page copies.  

yes; i could verify this, maybe fill a bug report about this:

but be aware the action CopyPage is a bit dangerous well... " has
questionable behaviour regarding subpages a user can't read, but can
copy" so I would not use this feature at the moment!

I thought this was odd and
> figured I hadn't set some flag.  When I checked my notifications though I
> saw that I am already subscribed to page copies.

also some notes:
 * if you change something then you will not get any notification
 * and be sure that you subscribe with a regex to a subpages (e.g.: .*
)... because if you copy - say page FOO to BAR and you subscribed only
to FOO then you will never get any message about the new page BAR. but
sure with regex it should work (like it works with creating new pages)...

  If you check the
> RecentChanges page on the Python wiki you'll see that we've been inundated
> with page copy spam.  I received not one email though I receive plenty of
> page modification emails.
> We are, I believe, running MoinMoin 1.7.  Is there some bug in that version
> or some server-side setting we need to adjust to see these changes?  (We've
> disabled the copy page action to stem the flow of spam.)

Version 1.8.1 and soon 1.8.2. is the current version, so you maybe
should update or check atleast the security stuff under

> Thanks,


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