[Moin-user] Import Mails without Need for a Wiki-User

Mela Eckenfels mela at darkover.inka.de
Wed Jan 28 16:17:19 EST 2009


I would like to put an archive of a small mailinglist into a
moinmoin-wiki by using the moin mailimport. Since the list is closed,
there will be no problems with spam, and so on. 

After struggeling for a while with the mailimport-setup (The
documentation which explains that you have to include least an empty 
"actions_exclude"-Directive to make xmlrpc work, is missing. Or is
this a 1.7.1 bug?)  I've discovered, only Wiki-Users are allowed to
send mail to the wiki.

Now I'm searching for a configuration option to disable the need of an
wiki-user, for mailimport. 

Kind regards,


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