[Moin-user] Strange error message

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Thu Nov 5 01:05:06 EST 2009

> Strange, it should tell "... action edit".

It did - my mistake, sorry.


> If there is none or the ticket is invalid somehow, you get this message
> and moin rejects to save.

In opposite to others my client left the browser window open for just
15 minutes.

>> This error message is complety rubbish of course. How can one use a
>> non-interactive user interface to edit anything?!
> By directly POSTing content to the submission URL. Usually spammers try
> that.

Understood. However, MoinMoin itself doesn't tell anything about it.
Same for "edit_ticketing".

> Nevertheless, if he used preview before for that content, he should've
> been able to just close the browser and reopen the same page again -
> moin should offer to load the previewed content into the editor then.

That was the main problem: everything vanished. And the guy is a smat
computer consultant...

> BTW, if you can reproduce that problem, please file a bug report with
> detailled step-by-step instructions.

No we can't. We tried several times, no way.

Is it a a good idea to set "edit_ticketing" to false? My wiki is closed anyway.


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