[Moin-user] Strange error message

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Nov 4 17:51:36 EST 2009

> "Please use the interactive user interface to use action action"

Strange, it should tell "... action edit".

> His work was gone although he had pressed "Preview" several times
> before he finally pressed "Save"; It was a completely new page.

Moin emits that message if it thinks someone was just posting some stuff
(e.g. spam content) without using the interactive user interface. There
is a "ticket" in the editor form and moin checks if the POST contains a
valid ticket.

If there is none or the ticket is invalid somehow, you get this message
and moin rejects to save.

> This error message is complety rubbish of course. How can one use a
> non-interactive user interface to edit anything?!

By directly POSTing content to the submission URL. Usually spammers try

Nevertheless, if he used preview before for that content, he should've
been able to just close the browser and reopen the same page again -
moin should offer to load the previewed content into the editor then.

BTW, if you can reproduce that problem, please file a bug report with
detailled step-by-step instructions.

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