[Moin-user] macros displayed post-upgrade

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 13:14:28 EST 2009

Michael P. Soulier schrieb:
> On 23/11/09 R.Bauer did say:
>> file a debian bug report that they should do a better readme.
> It was a README.migration, which I thought was provided by Moin.

I am not sure on that because they change our default configuration.
And they do it in a way which seems to confuse many users.
At least I think they should describe there changes and describe how to
migrate with their changes.

>> "Ok, I moved that file that Debian put there and it got further."
> Yes, on that, don't you think it's a bug if I explicitly tell the moin command
> --config-dir=foo and it picks up config on bar? What's the point of being
> explicit then?

The problem is that they have changed the default configuration of moin
and didn't tell you. With debian you get a farm configuration on
default. A farm configuration selects its config file by a regex match
of given url. The bug is that they haven't told you. And I am not sure
if they tell anything after you did the package update that your wiki
data needs migration.

>> Or if you don't install the debian package and our description is
>> confusing help improving it.
>> for 1.9 e.g.
>> http://master19.moinmo.in/HelpOnUpdating
> I'll take a look. The main issue was the plethora of old migration scripts,
> and it was difficult to sort through them and figure out which ones I needed
> to run. And, receiving errors on my first attempt instead of something
> helpful. It should not be difficult to catch the KeyError and tell the user
> that they need to run that particular migration script first. 

We have improved our migration script 3 years ago. For newer moins it is


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