[Moin-user] Problem linking to a MS Word document

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 09:06:44 EST 2009

Michael JOLY schrieb:
> Good day,

> I use the Moinmoin wiki since few weeks and i have a problem : when i try to
> download a Word document and to link it, i obtain this message :
> "*Current configuration does not allow embedding of the file xxx.doc because
> of its mimetype application/msword*".

That means you need a browser plugin for word for the browsers you use.
Also you need to add the mimetype to the config var mimetypes_embed in
your wikiconfig see HelpOnConfiguration.

if you want a direct download link, you have to set a param
[[attachment:example.doc|an example|&do=get]]

> It works with a jpg file for example. I run the wiki in standalone version
> v.1.8. Could someone helps me ?

Some mimetypes could be displayed by any browser and they don't need


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