[Moin-user] Beginner's guide: Management of MoinMoin wikis

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Oct 22 12:18:07 EDT 2010

> I'm having a bit of a struggle with a moinmoin 1.5.4-->1.9.3 conversion and have 
> been looking at various help locations; howvere when I clicked on the above link 
> I see
> > Warning:
> > You triggered the wiki's surge protection by doing too many requests in a short time.
> > Please make a short break reading the stuff you already got.
> > When you restart doing requests AFTER that, slow down or you might get locked out for a longer time!
> >
> is this a moinmoin slashdot?

Looks like. OMG, it's MoinMoined!

But as I said, everybody having a hard time with migrations, feel free
to join us on IRC chat, so we can help.

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