[Moin-user] HelpOnEditing, HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax & HelpContents don't exist on new installation?

Nico Zanferrari nicozanf at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 16:32:42 EDT 2011

Hi Daryl!

2011/6/14 Daryl Spitzer <daryl.spitzer at gmail.com>:
> I installed MoinMoin on Ubuntu 11.04 using the instructions in
> http://moinmo.in/HowTo/UbuntuQuick, including the (first two) bullets
> for Ubuntu 10.10 in the Suggestions section at the bottom
> (http://moinmo.in/HowTo/UbuntuQuick#Suggestions).
> http://daryls/ goes to MyStartingPage.

How is this page? Is it the Welcome one like that on 2.8 chapter of my guide?
If it works, I think you've not installed the System and Help pages.
Follow my guide on 3.3 chapter.

>   Do I need to tell MoinMoin or Apache that the
> domain name of the server is "daryls"?



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